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For the Love of Borders

Hey lovelies! Welcome to my blog and my first post. This is where I get the chance to talk more about knitting, crocheting, creating, yarn, life and everything between. Basically, this is where I get to share a bit more about me, things I enjoy doing and also connect with you guys…yay! Let’s talk

So, to kick off, shall we talk borders?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know how much I love borders. If I had my way, I would add a border to every item I make!

Some of my favourite things to crochet are baby blankets and I always add a border when I make them. They can be as simple as a single crochet around the blanket or picots as pictured below, or they can be as intricate as pictured in the blanket above.


Borders help put a finishing touch to not only blankets and afghans but scarves/shawls as well. They’re great at helping to tidy uneven edges that can sometimes occur when we knit or crochet and they’re fun fun fun to work up! There truly isn’t anything quite like matching a border to your project…it’s absolute bliss when you find the right match.

If you are yet to experiment with borders and edgings, there are some really good books available on Amazon that will get you started. Let me know how you get on, aye?


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