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Five ways to get yourself out of a crafting funk

I have yet to meet a crafter who has never been in a crafting funk. It’s definitely frightening when the urge to do your favourite craft(s), which you likely do everyday, just disappears. Sometimes, it’s gradual. Other times, it’s pretty sudden. Whichever way it happens, there’s always an awful feeling that comes with it and try as you might to force yourself into getting your mojo back, it can sometimes take a while.

I used to get terrified anytime I got into a knitting and crocheting funk but I have since found ways to deal with my crafting funk. Here are five ways of getting out of a crafting funk that so far work for me.

Allow yourself the time to not craft

Yep! Just go with the flow and allow yourself the time out. I am no psychologist but I really think our brains need a break from repetitive hobbies/tasks sometimes.

Focus on any other hobby you have or pick up a new hobby

I have other hobbies other than knitting and crocheting that tend to take a back seat because I spend most of my time crafting. Whenever I’m in a crafting funk, I focus on my attention on one or two of those. For example, I enjoy reading but I don’t read as much due to crafting. So, if I’m in a funk, reading is one of the first things I go to.

Better yet, why not try out a new hobby?

Try designing/plan your designs

If you’ve always wanted to design, this may be a great time to do that! If you’re already a designer, this may be a great time to plan the designs for your next range or season. Sketch, think about the yarn you would like to use for your sample, colour schemes, etc.

Browse for patterns or yarn

I think I spend a lot of time on Etsy when I’m in a crafting funk. I tend to browse for hand dyed yarn mostly but you can also browse for patterns that you would like to work on when you’re out of your crafting funk. You may end up buying some yarn or some patterns, but you don’t have to.

Organise your yarn stash and notions

I love doing this even when I’m not in a crafting funk. There’s something soothing about organising my yarn stash and notions, and enjoying a good ol’ squish fest while I’m at it.

What do you do when you’re in a crafting funk?

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